50% STAFF FROM 21st September (G O.M S no 120,Date(31,08.2020).50% STAFF FROM 21st September [G O.M S no 120,Dated(31.08.2020)].

UNLOCK 4 Guidelines G O released , Telangana govt given 50% Teaching/Non teaching staff permitted to attend in All Educational institutions effect from 21st SEP


In reference 1* read above orders were issued extending the lockdown till 31 August, 2020 alongwith reopening of activities in a calibrated manner in areas outside containment zones.

  1. In reference 2nd read above, the MHA has issued orders on guidelines regarding Unlock-4 and Lockdown in containment zones till 30th September, 2020 alongwith reopening of activities in a calibrated manner in areas outside containment


  1. With a view to reopen prohibited activities in a phased manner in areas outside containment zones and to consolidate the measures related to lockdown in the State, the following guidelines are hereby issued in line with those issued by MHA in reference 2nd read above.


The activities below shall remain prohibited throughout the State:

i. Schools, colleges, educational and coaching institutions.

ii. Cinema halls, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres and similar places.

  1. In areas outside containment zones, all activities permitted prior to introduction of lockdown measures will be allowed except those in para (4) above. However, the following activities shall be allowed to function with the stipulation of following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as prescribed by Government from time to time.

(i) (a) Online distance learning shall continue to be permitted and shall be encouraged.

(b) A maximum of 50% of teaching and non-teaching staff are permitted to be called to the schools at a time for online teaching / tele-counselling and related work, in areas outside the Containment Zones only, with effect from 21 September, 2020.


Students of classes 9 to 12 are permitted to visit their schools, in areas outside the Containment Zones only, on voluntary basis, for taking guidance from their teachers. This will be subject to written consent of their parents/ guardians and will be permitted with effect from 21 September, 2020.

(d) Skill or Entrepreneurship training will be permitted in Industrial Training Institutes (ITIS), Short term training centers registered with State Skill Development Missions or other Ministries of State Governments. These will be permitted with effect from 21 September, 2020.

(e) Higher Education Institutions only for research scholars (Ph.D) and post graduate students of technical and professional programmes requiring laboratory / experimental works.

Social / academic / sports / entertainment / cultural / religious / political functions and other congregations with a ceiling of 100 persons and by following health protocol, will be permitted with effect from 21 September, 2020, with mandatory wearing of face masks, social distancing, provision for thermal scanning and hand wash or sanitizer.

However, marriage related gatherings shall be permitted with a maximum of 50 participants. Funeral/last rites related gatherings with number of persons not exceeding 20 will continue to be allowed upto 20th September, 2020 and from 21st September, 2020 the ceiling of 100 persons will apply.

(ii) Open air theatres will be permitted to open with effect from 21 September, 2020.

(iv) Metro Rail is permitted to operate from 7th September, 2020 in a graded


  1. Bars and Clubs shall remain closed and separate orders will bes3 sued for

their opening.

  1. Persons above the age of 65 years, persons with co-morbidities, pregnant women, and children below the age of 10 years are advised to stay at home, except for essential and health purposes.
  2. In respect of Containment Zones, strict lockdown shall be in force till 30 September, 2020. Only essential activities shall be permitted. There shall be strict perimeter control to ensure that there is no movement of people in or out of these zones, except for medical emergencies and for maintaining supply of essential goods and services. In the Containment Zones, there shall be intensive contact tracing, house to house surveillance, and other clinical interventions, as required.

Buffer Zones shall be identified outside the Containment Zones, where new cases are more likely to occur. Within the buffer zones, restrictions as considered necessary

may be put in place by the District authorities.

  1. In exercise of powers conferred under the Disaster Management Act 2005, the undersigned, in his capacity as Chairperson, State Executive Committee hereby issues directions to all Departments of Government of Telangana, Collectors & District Magistrates and Commissioners / Superintendents of Police in the State to strictly

implement the above orders with immediate effect till 30th September 2020.


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  1. The GO stating to attend the staff of educational institutions (schools) upto 50% from 21st september. But not given clarity that the staff already attending the instituions to continue or take break upto 21st september.

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